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» Surrealist (totally over the top!) $10,000
» Fantasist (beyond our wildest dreams) $5,000
» Modernist (cutting edge contributor) $1,000
» Classicist (backbone contributor) $500
» Romanticist (a true theater lover) $250
» Realist (makes a real difference) $100
» Improv (whatever works best for you) » $_______________________________

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We Depend on You! Ticket sales cover only a small portion of our operating costs. Stageworks depends on individual contributors like you to help make up the crucial difference.

Your donation enables Stageworks to continue to illuminate the importance of theater as a medium for social change and reinforcement of community through both our professional Mainstage productions and vital programs for young people. This has always been and remains at the core of Stageworks' mission – we will be a careful steward of your tax deductible gift whether it is $25 or $10,000!

Thank You! Your generosity provides necessary resources that help us sustain our mission. When you become a Stageworks Partner, your name will be listed in our Mainstage playbills, on lobby plaques and elsewhere whenever our contributors are recognized. A separate email confirmation will be sent within 2 business days followed by our official tax letter in the mail.

Stageworks On The Hudson, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. Contributions are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.